Vehicle transport is hassle free!

Vehicle transport

Transporting your car or vehicle is now an easy job. Whether you are moving to a new city or you want to sell your vehicle online, it is probable that you have gone searched for a company dealing with the related task. Since auto transport is not used by people on a daily basis, it is therefore imperative that one should have a thorough understanding of the auto shipping contract and know what services you are getting when signing up for the vehicle move.

The ATG Auto Transporter Guide will help you find a company which is best suited for shipping your vehicle, and help you to find a strong, reliable service which will help you to safely transport your vehicle to the desired destination. This guide will answer most of your car shipping questions and clear almost any doubt in your mind.

The auto transport guide will save you a lot of hassles and headache and you can easily learn how to ship your vehicle from one state to another, or even internationally! The general rule is that as soon as you are ready for shipping, you should start searching for a company so that you can find out details about schedules and pricing. Auto transport companies ship vehicles in large quantities, therefore it is advisable to take some car shifting tips from professionals in order to make sure that your shipping goes off without any hitches. You can also learn ways and tricks of car shipping discounts which will save you a lot of extra expenditure.

There are certain aspects which you need to keep in mind while transporting your vehicle. These are simple but important tips which one remember –

  • Washing the vehicle –  You might think that this step is unnecessary as your vehicle will be travelling through dust-laden roads, however it is important so that you can easily report any damage which may occur along the way, and the mistake can be rectified.
  • Preparing the engine- Make sure that you disconnect the battery and check the oil levels in the vehicle. Even though the vehicle won’t be running, it is important that no damage occurs to the vehicle or engine because of the movement of the trailer.
  • Emptying the gas – This will help to reduce expenditure as it will be less of a burden on the trailer, therefore costing you less.
  • Removing personal belongings and accessories – During the car transport process you are not endured for any loss of items within your vehicle. Accessories such as spotlights or antennas which stand a chance of getting damaged should be removed before shipping.
  • Completing a thorough inspection prior to and after the shipment process – Before your vehicle is shipped, you should check for dents, scratches, the overall paint condition and cracks in the glass. You may also take photographs of your vehicle as evidence, in case any damage occurs during transport. Your driver should take a note of this report and sign against it. Once your vehicle has reached the destination, you should conduct an overall search and if any new damage is present, you can notify the company and file a claim through insurance.

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