Understanding the repair procedure for diesel injection system

The injection system of diesel engine

The injection system present in the diesel engine is the heart of the engine. A wide variety of automobiles run on diesel engines. They prove to be much better in comparison to petrol engines in various aspects. This includes the overall fuel consumption, development of power, heavy carrying capacity and torque development. Even though the working mechanism of both the engines is same, there is still a slight difference existing between the same. The fuel is injected into the engine by the injection system to overcome cold starting problem. There has been a great evolution in the injecting methodology. The latest automobiles are built on electronic injecting systems. Electronic injecting system increases fuel economy and reduces emissions. The entire system is very complicated and requires professionals to handle it very carefully. However, understanding the key factors of the injection system will be of great help to the person driving the vehicle.

Injection system of diesel engine

a mechanical pump was attached to carry out the process of injection during the early days of diesel engine. Crankshaft was utilized to drive the valve assembly with the help of a timing belt. The valves are placed on the springs which are responsible for the inlet of fuel and outlet of a mission. This particular mechanism has been overtaken by the latest technological advancements. Under this, a separate fuel pump is installed to perform the entire action. A solenoid valve is attached to the pump to perform the required action at the right instance. Every single solenoid is connected to electronic control unit.

The new design offers the ease of assembly for the injection system. Due to this, there is a greater reduction in noise developed in the diesel engine which also increases the performance. As the system has been coupled with electronic control unit, the governer is also monitored by the computer system. Due to this activity, accurate amount of fuel is released into the heart of the engine. Thus, modern diesel engines are highly sophisticated, which are governed by electronic control units. Any mishandling with the system will cause severe problems which can escalate the overall cost necessary to repair it. Of the most common issues that one can face with their modern diesel engine is one of spring system or a malfunction in the fuel pump. There is a possibility that both these factors can be checked for they efficiency from time to time. It is possible to check for the alignment between the structural integration of the electronic control unit with various components of the engine.

That is a possibility the unwanted impurities may enter into the injection system of the engine. This will hamper the overall performance of the engine, which in time reduces its lifespan. It is necessary to clean the system from time to time to remove any impurities present in the system. Lubricating the engine from time to time will also help overcoming such a state that can hamper the overall efficiency of the engine. However, lubrication should return very carefully as any contact of the fluid with the electronic control unit will damage the entire system. People who are newbie’s can approach a professional in order to perform a thorough maintenance of the engine or rectify a problem.