Tow service

Whether one has been locked out of the car, out of gasoline or has a problem with the battery? Chances are one should begin looking for a roadside towing service or towing company in the vicinity. For a vehicle being moved more than 150 miles, a long distance towing service company is what is required. On the other hand, a wrecker would be needed for towing heavy duty trucks and commercial vehicles. Tractari auto is a professional towing service company that specializes in car rental platforms and car trailers of various sizes. Non-stop assistance on waysides is even offered. The services are available at very realistic and affordable rates. Besides, with proper training and significant experience in the field, latest and efficient apparatus are utilized. Therefore, moving or transporting new or damaged vehicles, quality and high speed service is offered. Also up to 5 tonnes of car transport equipment over any expanse is provided.
The services offered are:

  • Tow: The drivers are skilled, well-mannered, provide information and are very experienced with the surroundings locally as well as nationally. They carry all the necessary tools that are required for a safe and fast delivery. So, all requests are promptly responded. Moreover, motorcycles, new or damaged special platforms are towed as well. A huge car park for carrying numerous machines all at the same time is available. Tow boats, water launches, transport boats are available with its peridoc.
  • Rent Platforms: When transporting anything in its entire form such as a new car or light vehicle, a car trailer or car platform is very easily rented. So, in Braila, one can rent a car and Galati trailer without any problem. Car desk platforms are rented in Vrancea, Slobozia, Tulcea, Buzau, Galati and Braila.
  • Freight: Any cargo that needs to be shipped moved or carried in Braila and Galati, transportation is provided. Materials or consignments are carried from one place to another with precision and safety. Cargo up to 2 to 5 tonnes in transport platforms is offered. Depending on the quantity and time of delivery for transportation of the cargo, rates are negotiable.

Transport Equipment: Capable of transporting various equipments up to 5 tonnes in weight, safely. All over Romania and to any European country, using the company trucks, equipments are transported. Transport equipments like agricultural tractors, excavators, bobcat and industrial equipment.
Besides, traction and transport on specialized platforms for damaged vehicles are safely made possible. Assistance in loading and unloading of the damaged vehicles for scheduled repairs located at specialized workshops as agreed upon is undertaken. People are even transferred to their destinations from the damaged vehicle, are some of the services also on offer. Non-stop road assistance in situations like changing tires, battery level, small technical service problems and others that are not easily solved at that moment, are taken care of. Even boat trailers depending on the size are available for 1000 kg or 2000 pounds for boat transport. Towing boats services for national and international transport are both offered.

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