The tool to detect problems with your car

OBD scanners are gradually gaining popularity with every passing day. It is widely used by most countries as the best vehicle fault detection tool. However, choosing the best OBD2 scanner is not an easy task, as there are plenty in the market.

At present, the 10 best OBD2 scanners available are:

  • Actron CP9690 Trilingual OBD I/OBD II Elite Autoscanner Pro Kit – The Actron OBD are the most efficient, fast and reliable code scanning scanners. It covers wider coding protocols as in OBD II. It also diminishes the power of checking engine light. It’s most comprehensive tool is the code connect feature.
  • INNOVA 3160 Diagnostic Scan Tool – It is one of the greatest scanners currently available in the market. Some of its best features are live data code reading, antilock brake system (ABS) and a safety restraint system. It’s compatible to almost all OBD II vehicles.
  • Autel MD802 MaxiDiag Elite Scan Tool – This scanner has attributes to service almost all the car engine faculties. It has just one push button making it the easiest to use scanning tool in the market. Its areas of operation extend to data printing, freeze data oxygen sensors, live data reading or checking engine light functions.
  • Actron CP9580A Enhanced Auto Scanner – The code connect in this scanner is its most prominent feature. Even with a relatively small size and light weight, it can cover more than 4.3 million data codes spanning all of generic and manufacturer specific genres.
  • Autel AL619 OBDII/CAN Scan Tool – The playback feature of its data reading has made AL619 OBDII take the scan tool market by a storm. Providing ease of movement with the ability to turn off the check engine light feature in an instant makes it a favourite for motorists.
  • Actron CP9575 Auto Scanner – This tool has efficient live data code reading, drive cycle reading and freeze data reading capabilities. It also supports several universal languages. Something exclusively available in this scanner is that it is updatable over the Internet.
  • INNOVA 3150 Diagnostic Code Reader – Along with the antilock brake system (ABS) and safety restraints system, INNOVA 3150 is very powerful. It embodies swift action and quick automatic refreshing nature giving it a better data feed.
  • INNOVA 3100 Diagnostic Scan Tool/Code Reader – The INNOVA 3100 Code Reader is supported by LED display having quick data transmissions and an automatic system for putting off the check engine light. Its power saving ability helps improve plug and play functionality.
  • Scan Tool 426101 OBD Link MX Bluetooth Scanner – Scan Tool 426101 makes full use of the ever growing technology to come up with compatibility for Android and Windows phone. Due to its exceptional power support nature, it protects the car power from depletion.
  • Blue Driver Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool – It’s one of the other Bluetooth devices that have stirred up the scan tool market. It works on its sensor app available on Android and Windows phones. Due to its updatable nature, it is very durable. It is small and relatively cheap having wireless benefits.

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