Playing safe while repairing a headlight of the car

It is important for the vehicle to have a good working condition of headlights. They play a vital role in eliminating the road ahead at nights. As driving at night is very dangerous, a faulty headlight can further worsen the situation. It becomes difficult for the driver to judge the condition of the road without proper illumination.  Provided below are few of the important factors that will help an individual understand about the efficiency of a headlight.

  1. Test can be carried out on a regular basis. Parking the vehicle in front of a building will be helpful to test the headlights. If they are working fine, reflection will be created on the wall of the building.
  2. The lights should be turned off and on for a while. This will ensure that the headlights are functioning properly. If any of the light does not respond quickly, then the light should be replaced.
  3. The same procedure can be implemented to check for the efficiency of tail lights. The reflection of the lights can be checked with the help of rear view mirror.
  4. As the lights respond even to braking system of the vehicle, pressing the brakes will also be helpful to understand the functioning of tail lights.
  5. Indicators can also be checked in the same procedure to see if they are working or not.

If any of the tests reveals in a malfunctioning of the headlight, it is important to replace the lights with a new set.

Fixing a faulty headlamp

As the defect of the headlight has been revealed, it is time to understand about the type of headlight the car uses. If the headlight uses halogen bulb for illumination, it is possible to change the bulb by replacing it with a new one. However, the entire headset should be changed if no halogen bulb is used.

Process to change the bulb

  1. The wiring of the headlight should be removed. The wiring is located under the hood.
  2. The plastic ring present in the backside of the headlamp should be removed in order to take out the bulb.
  3. Rotating the bulb in anticlockwise direction will remove it from the headlight dome.
  4. The new bulb should be carefully placed into the dome and rotated in clockwise direction.
  5. The plastic ring should be now replaced back at the back of the headlamp.
  6. Examination can be carried out to check out for its functionality.

Process to change the headlight

  1. The first process involves removal of tiny screws that secure the headlight to the metal frame of the car. Careful inspection should be carried out before removing all the screws. Few of the screws will have springs underneath them. Such screws can be left in their position.
  2. All the screws and necessary bolts should be collected carefully.
  3. As the screws are now removed, it is easy to pull out the headlight from the metal frame.
  4. A new headlight is then fixed into the metal frame of the vehicle.
  5. The necessary screws and bolts should be replaced back. This will hold the new headlight to the metal frame of the vehicle firmly.
  6. Examination can be carried out to check out for the functionality of the headlight.

Following the above mentioned points and with the help of a simple screwdriver, an individual can easily replace a faulty headlight.