DPF removal and ECU remapping service in Cyprus

There are several establishments that offer diesel particulate filter removal in Cyprus or DPF Delete and ECU remapping services. DPFremoval.tech is one such leading Cyprus Company providing these diesel engine services.

Diesel Particulate Filter – It is a filter that has been designed to reduce the amount of Diesel Particulate Matter or soot passing through the engine. It is situated in the downpipe section of the exhaust. Its main objective is to create cleaner and eco-friendly gases. This is in an attempt to make vehicles less polluting.

Most vehicles built after 2006, be it diesel engine cars, vans and trucks, include a DPF in their respective exhaust systems. The DPF is solely concerned with capturing and storing soot. This is in reference to soot produced during combustion, which should most definitely be prevented from entering the atmosphere directly. After several years of use, this process will eventually clog the DPF. Even though most manufacturers claim DPF clogging will take several years, but because of it being such a new technology, one can never be too sure. This is where DPFremoval.tech comes into play.

DPF removal is undertaken mainly because clogging of DPF causes a blockage in the exhaust system. The primary reason for this is that the diesel catalytic converter produces several pounds per square inch of congestion and back pressure.

There are a few questions one must answer as far as DPF is concerned. These can be:

  • Is there any problem with Diesel Particulate Filter?
  • Does replacing DPF be costly?
  • Is there any other cheaper and easier solution?

When these questions have reached critical situations and must be answered, DPFremoval.tech is whom one should reach out to. They will help solve all your DPF related problems. Along with DPF solutions, they can also provide ECU remapping. A good example of DPF replacement is the VW Golf Diesel Particulate Filter.

Another important point that readers should note is that if the DPF light is turned ON, DON’T IGNORE! If it is left ignored then the filter will be blocked completely and the DPF may even get very hot and catch fire. The various services offered by DPFremoval.tech are as listed below:

  • Diesel Engine Services
  • Electronic Diagnosis
  • ECU Remapping and Tuning
  • DPF Delete
  • LPG Conversions
  • A/C Service or Repair


The ECU remapping service provided by them along with the DPF delete services has numerous benefits:

  • it turns out that ECU remapping allows the engine to respond better to acceleration
  • the vehicle’s overall torque and power is considerably increased
  • power delivery gets smoother
  • MPG gets much better, which eventually reduces fuel costs
  • apart from the above benefits, ECU remapping also improves throttle response and rev range

DPFremoval.tech has removed DPF from more than 500 cars over a period of 8 years. This points to several years of experience under their belt. DPF removal, ECU remapping and other services listed above is what they have always excelled at.

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