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Paintless dent removal process – the cost effective repair

PDR or Paintless Dent Removal is a pool of practices that removes the dents from the exterior of the vehicle’s body. The methods from professional help in the removal of dings and dents using appropriate tools. The process is helpful in small-scale dents that measure no longer than one foot.  The process is helpful only when there is no damage to the exterior paint. Usually, paint breaks at the affected area and choosing the PDR is not a healthy option.  Paintless dent removal provides an excellent opportunity for vehicle owners to repair the dents using a cost effective method.

The PDR procedure uses tools made from stainless steel to push the affected from the inside. Specially crafted tools help the professional to perform a successful PDR. They are accessible in various forms, sizes, and shapes. To increase the accuracy of the product, the expert utilizes additional accessories. These include the use of reflection boards and lights. Final additions improve the repaired region. It includes the use of tapping and glue to flat the surface to create an even appearance. It will be tough for the owner to recognize the spot, as the professional blends the dent precisely and synchronizes with the surrounding areas. (more…)

Self repair process for a damaged bumper

The dents that appear on the bumper of the vehicle are result of the accidents that occur in the traffic. Apart from this, the dents also appear while reversing a car as it often happens to notice a blind spot. Bumpers are manufactured using different materials. It is very important to understand the material in order to find the best solution to bring back the bumper into its original shape.
Plastic bumpers require a different set of products to carry out repair. The best part of all is that the owner of the vehicle can easily perform the action right in their garage.

Repair and refinishing products for bumper are readily available in the auto shop. Continue to read ahead to understand the necessary steps that one should follow in order to repair a bumper all by self action. (more…)